5 Easy Ways to Make Home Smell Amazing 

5 Easy Ways to Make Home Smell Amazing

5 Easy Ways to Make Home Smell Amazing

The fragrance in the house is one of the first things that people notice about your home. Whenever you go to someone’s place, the first whiff of the atmosphere around you captures your attention. Isn’t it? 

Do you notice a weird smell when you come home after a vacation? This is how a house smells all the time to those who don’t live there. 

The smell is humans’ most powerful sense, and it tells us a lot. If a space smells fresh, that’s a great sign. If the smell is bad? We feel uneasy. 

With aromatherapy, you can keep your home smelling fresh in a natural way without using harmful chemicals and room fresheners. Lighting up Incense Sticks, Dhoop Sticks, Incense cones that are made from temple flowers can stir up memories and evoke strong emotions. That’s how aromatherapy works. Essential oils without any toxins can keep your small space fresh and fragrant. 

Here are 5 easy steps to keep your home smell amazing

1. Light up Incense Stick

Not only for soulful prayers, but Incense sticks can also remove the negative aura of any space and make your home smell amazing.  If you want your home to keep away from bad odor, then flower-based incense sticks can be preferred. Nowadays, there are charcoal-based incense sticks available in the market, but sustainable and clean options are available too.

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At Nirmalaya, you can get incense sticks made from recycled temple flowers that are charcoal-free, safe to breathe and have clean aromas. It is available in 6 different fragrances: Jasmine, Lavender, Rose, Tulsi, Patchouli, and Sandalwood.

2. Luxurious Scents To Welcome Guests

In India, we say, “Atithi Devo Bhava”, which means that the guests are god. They must be welcomed in a grand manner. With rich and royal scents of East like Oudh, Bakhoor, and Mukhallat you can make your guests feel royal. These Arabic incenses have a rich history. As Bakhoor was passed on whenever a person would visit someone’s house. This rich tradition can be adopted through incense sticks by Nirmalaya which will create an exotic and beautiful aroma that will spread in the environment and make the surroundings pleasant.

3. For A Clean and Positive Aura

In pandemic times, we all are living in a time where along with keeping the home smelling fresh, we must keep our homes clean and free from viruses. Hawan cups are the best way to cleanse aura from negative energies, made with These cups are easy to carry and can be lit anywhere. At Nirmalaya, we have Havan Cups that are made with recycled temple flowers. The outer shell is made with rose and marigold petals, traditional ayurvedic ingredients like Guggal, Loban, Jatamassi, Kapoor, and other healing herbs. The traditional organic Hawan cups are a version of a long ritual that can be burnt anywhere in a room or in the office. Burning Hawan cups can purify the surroundings and make your atmosphere full of sanctity and purity.

4. Keep The Corners Fragrant

Whether you’re looking for a clean and crisp aroma for your bathroom or a relaxing and soothing scent for your bedroom, essential oils can be your best choice. At the entrance of your house, alongside your welcome mat, a fragrant essential oil can encourage visitors to enter with calm and ease. At Nirmalaya, you can get aromatic essential oils that are soothing to the senses and have a calming feel. You can use these oils in your car dashboard to avoid travel sickness. To keep your shoe racks fresh and clean, use aroma oils that have floral notes. These oils can be used even inside your cupboards to keep them fresh and odor-free.

5. Purify Air At Home Using Dhoop Sticks

Till now, many of us have used chemical-based room fresheners as an air purifiers. With Dhoop Sticks, many people are unaware of its psychological benefits such as calming our state of mind and keeping the room fresh and happy. Dhoop sticks are widely used to make daily routine tasks more delightful, for better concentration, for the spiritual connection while praying and many more such tasks. But does anyone know how Dhoop sticks can be used to purify air quality?

Dhoop sticks are known to have reduced bacteria in the air, disinfect, and at the same time, purify the air and maintain the same levels of purity for the entire day. At Nirmalaya, Dhoop sticks made from recycled temple flowers and ayurvedic ingredients eliminate diverse bacteria from the air within closed spaces.

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