• Embrace positivity and good health in your surroundings with organic mini havan cups that are handmade by recycling sacred flowers collected from temples. Made from recycled rose and marigold flowers with amalgamation of traditional ayurvedic herbs in sambrani cups.
  • CARRY HANDY HAVAN CUPS  ANYWHERE- These mini dhuni cups for puja are easy to use, can be carried, and burnt anywhere whether you are at home or office.

Free from toxins and charcoal smoke.

Handmade with love by rural women.

Made with recycled rose and marigold petals.

Ridding our country of religious waste and chemical-laden incenses.

Free from toxins and charcoal smoke.

Handmade with love by rural women.

Made with recycled rose and marigold petals.

Ridding our country of religious waste and chemical-laden incenses.

Buy Sambrani Cups Online in India

Sambrani cups have been in practice since ancient times. It is infused with traditional ingredients and has benefits like the purification of air in the environment. Also known as loban cups and sambrani cups dhoop, havan cups are traditional air purifier that have properties like killing of the germs and viruses, spreading a beautiful aroma that creates a sacred atmosphere in the house or office.

What is the importance of Sambrani or Yagya in our life?

How can we use Sambrani cups, Hawan cups or loban cups?Yagya addresses a methodology for living in a society with peace and harmony. It promotes a living style to ensure peace in extreme life situations which is necessary for ideal human development and culture. Sambrani cups are a mini version of performing this ritual.

Yagya or Hawan is an old cycle of fire function where the natural or ayurvedic ingredients are forfeited in the blessed fire with the help of the heat and sound energy of mantras. The logical exploration has supported the huge capability of Yagya in the filtration of our inward energy and current circumstances.

The traditional organic Sambrani cups are a version of a long ritual that can be burnt anywhere in a room or in the office. Burning sambrani cups can purify the surroundings and make atmosphere full of sanctity and purity.

What is Sambrani? How Sambrani cups are beneficial?

Sambrani is a customary Hindu practice which is rehearsed all around the world on traditional events to eliminate the negativity from the inside and around and furthermore, to clean the climate.

At the point when Yagya or Sambrani, the fire contacts the air, it gets filtered and becomes lighter in nature. At the point when this light air is stirred up in the climate, it replaces the cold or debased air and this interaction proceeds and the air gets decontaminated till the custom is being performed in the world.

Sambrani cups, Hawan cups or loban cups are beneficial that cleanses our houses with negative energy and all the evil thoughts. At Nirmalaya, we make organic havan cups from sacred recycled temple flowers. The outer covering of sambrani cups is made with marigold flowers and the aroma is safe-to-breathe.

To have the advantages of Sambrani consistently, we can utilize regular organic havan cups by Nirmalaya.

How we make organic Sambrani cups at Nirmalaya?

Loban cups or sambrani dhoop are one solution for a complete Hawan. It is utilized to satisfy our present occupied lives. At Nirmalaya, we have handmade organic Havan cups/loban cups for holistic wellness.

Our handmade Sambrani cups are made by less privileged women of society.
The outer shell of loban cups are made up of recycled rose and marigold flowers collected from temples.

The internal samagri is a mixture of guggal, loban, neem, and many more traditional herbs.

Each box of Sambrani cups carries 15 Havan cups with mixture/samagri.
The everyday utilization of the Sambrani cups cheers the air around us as well as gives us mental and actual energy. Loban cups make one cheerful and light all through. Havan cups fix numerous germs, infections, and viruses. This as well as the ashes can be utilized to make medication and fruitfulness fertilizer.

The smoke of organic Sambrani cups or hawan cups works like an inward breath treatment got from Ayurveda which is useful in loosening up the psyche and mends the body. It has constructive outcomes profoundly because of the sacred mantras reciting during the Sambrani.

Loban cups aroma filter the actual climate. At the point when the cow’s ghee is singed in the fire, the aroma of loban cups or sambrani cups goes up with fire and blends in with the environment. The fat particles from the Yagya fire are over-burden with dust particles in the climate and return on the earth as downpour which supports the vegetation of mother earth.

Benefits of organic Sambrani cups in the environment

  1. The different fixings like sweets, nourishments, sweet-smelling herbs (elaichi, dalchini), anti-infection herbs (guggal, gyal) and samagri consume in fire, cause rainfall, and refine the air.
  2. The scent of consuming the sweet-smelling herbs in fire eliminates the foul smell from the air.
  3. The custom of Yagya for example Sambrani is rewarding the climate what we have gotten from the climate to keep it filtered and as result, the climate gives us better regular items and solid life.
  4. These 100% organic Sambrani cups or loban cups can be used as a home or workplace purifier.
  5. Loban cups remove negativity and keeps you calm and positive all around the day.
  6. Simply try and utilize sambrani cups extra ash putting in plants, see them fruitful, and grow them better. Indeed, even functions as medication esteem.

The day-by-day utilization of the Nirmalaya organic sambrani cups guarantee to clear the climate around your place, which make you physically and mentally invigorated by its heavenly aroma of herbs, killing messy germs and infections. You stay happy and work more.

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