The Nirmalaya Journey

Ringing bells, incredible fragrances wafting out of the windows, and generous offerings to gods are some of the most common scenes in our country. Most of us grew up breathing incense, the smoke of which our mothers and all of us in the house inhaled deeply.
This is the spiritual wonder of India.

In April 2019, Rajeevji noticed flowers offered at the Shirdi temple in Maharashtra being recycled into incense. A few months into researching how flowers and other waste from temple offerings can be recycled, we all teamed up and founded Nirmalaya. Today, our factory spans around 3000 yards in Dham Complex, Delhi, we have developed our own recycling process and got it patented under the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.

We are committed to creating a space full of fragrance while these incenses are kind to your senses and leave a feeling of purity in your home. We are on a mission of ridding our country of religious waste and chemical-laden products. Our women workforce handpick flowers straight from temples and use time-tested methods to craft incense that’s good for you, and good for the earth.


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Bharat Bansal

Mentoring and serving 30+ startups and working towards formula of Waste to Wellness.

Surbhi Bansal

CA turned social entrepreneur committed to recycle temple residues into pooja offerings.

Rajeev Bansal

Working passionately towards our operations, manufacturing and product development


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Nirmalya Foudners

Shivi Singh

Co-Founder & CEO of India’s Leading Budget Eyewear Brand & Largest Budget Optical Retail Chain. He believes in the idea that simple solutions can transform lives and make life easier for the masses. He loves to innovate and experiment with new things that would fuel and create sustainable business activity.

Dr. Abha Rishi

Chairperson for the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development (CIED) at Birla Institute of Management Technology.
Dr. Abha is passionate about student and women entrepreneurship. She has mentored more than 1000 women and student entrepreneurs and is involved in creating livelihood for many women.

Mohit Satyanand

Entrepreneur, Portfolio investor, Angel, and Economy watcher.
Chairman and founder at Teamwork Arts, he holds an immense experience at marketing agencies and Startups, he believes impact businesses are the solution for consistent growth. He is Involved in steering strategy in businesses in consumer goods, arts management, and vocational training at Nirmalaya.

Hands that lighten up your devotion

Nirmalaya is proud to be a part of the journey of these independent women who are in charge of their own lives. We are committed to uplifting them and providing fair opportunities for a good living.

Accelerator Partner

A leading accelerator for early stage ventures in India.


At Nirmalaya, tonnes of floral waste are recycled that are collected from 120 temples across Delhi NCR. We are proud of providing livelihood to 100+ women by encouraging micro entrepreneurship.

Carbon Neutral

Made From Flowers

Safe To Breathe