Shop Agarbatti Stand At Best Price in India- Nirmalaya

Shop Agarbatti Stand At Best Price in India- Nirmalaya

Lighting agarbattis while worshipping God, has become an everyday ritual in most Indian homes. And to hold an agarbatti, a stand is necessary.The agarbatti stand is best for holding agarbatti sticks to stand firmly. Agarbatti stand comes in various styles and designs. They are not only used to hold an agarbatti but people also use them as home décor to give an aesthetic vibe to their guests.

Since there is an abundance of agarbatti stand styles, the following are some types from which you can choose the best for your lovely home:

  1. Silver Stand

This type of stand is an elegant and small stand that gets crafted in pure silver with a purity of 97%- 99%. One can even stack more than 2 agarbatti sticks in it at a time. It is made of silver. It’s a great addition to your mandir at your house or office.  This can also be given as a gift to your close family members or close friends on any festive occasion.

  1. Brass Stand

Lighting agarbatti is a day-to-day practice for most Indian families while praying to God. The brass stand is made up of pure brass and high-quality polish. This stand can be used daily as well. It looks really beautiful in your puja room and is an ideal choice for someone who loves artistic stuff. It’s easy to clean and maintain.

  1. Plate Structural Stand

This is also another option for your puja room. This type of agarbatti holder comes with an attached plate at the bottom of the stand so that the dust of agarbatti does not fall on the table or the ground. It can hold up to 5 sticks at a time and spreads the fragrance all over the room. This stand is generally made up of strong steel and is very comfortable to use. 

  1. Wooden Stand

The wooden agarbatti holder looks very elegant. This type gets made out of wood and, on the inside, has a thin metal plate. It is a beautifully handcrafted stand that is made especially for holding agarbattis. It is more durable than other types and is perfect for gifting purposes too. It can be easily cleaned and maintained without much hassle. 

  1. Aluminium Stand

This adds to an aesthetic piece to hold agarbatti ash. It’s made up of aluminum and is quite more economical than the other types of stands. If you don’t want to spend too much on some fancy agarbatti holder, you can opt for this perfect aluminum agarbatti stand that is durable and budget-friendly.

  1. Marble Handcrafted Stand

A Marble agarbatti stand is aesthetically pleasing and looks amazing as a décor item. This type is made up of marble and looks premium. It has a perfect size and is quite multi-purpose. You can use it for lighting agarbattis, dhoop, candles, camphor, etc. It can hold any type of agarbatti. Though a little heavy as compared to other incense stands, it’s very beautiful and fancy.

  1. Stainless and Dhoop Holder

This type of agarbatti stand comes with a capacity to hold five agarbattis. It contains a separate ash collector to keep the surface, where it’s placed, neat and clean. Because of its stainless-steel body, this agarbatti stand can be used for many years without much wear and tear. To clean it, just wipe the stand with a dry cloth and it will look brand-new. 

Nirmalaya Agarbatti Stand

When it comes to choosing an agarbatti stand which is all things amazing, there is only one brand that you can go to without any doubt: Nirmalaya.

Nirmalaya agarbatti stands are made of premium material. They are beautifully designed and are economical too. They are hand-carved agarbatti stands and are made from marble and soapstone with beautiful timeless motifs making them a perfect gift for your loved ones and for yourself too!

Nirmalaya agarbatti stand is ideal to be used for aromatherapy, meditation, and spa, as well as to be gifted as a bathroom set, wedding gift, etc. Even without using it as an agarbatti stand, this piece can be a great addition to your home and office decor.

Enjoy the aroma of the agarbattis by keeping them safe on the Nirmalaya agarbatti stand.

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