Vetiver Incense Sticks

Vetiver Incense Sticks For Refreshing Mornings

Vetiver, also called khus, is a delightfully fragrant grass that has been in use since traditional times because of its cooling and refreshing qualities. In recent times, due to its calming and relaxing properties, vetiver incense sticks are popularly getting used in aromatherapy. For the same purpose, therapeutic vetiver oil...

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Best Brass Dhoop Dani Online

India is known for unifying spiritualism with modernity and dhuni is its essential component. Emanating a beautiful smell of incense that connects the body with its inner self, brass dhoop dhuni brings tranquility to the surroundings.  Dhuni has always been a part of Hindu rituals, and it is regarded as a...

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Organic Essential Oils India

The wellness movement has seen an essential usage of ‘Essential oils.’They can be found everywhere-retail stores, spas, pharmacies, and even recipe blogs with a promise to fix everything from insomnia to skin irritations to anxiety.  Today, more than 100 essential oils are being used with each one having a unique scent...

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What is Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil Good For

Ylang-ylang essential oil has numerous benefits for our health, physical as well as mental. Extracted from the yellow flowers of a topical plant, Ylang ylang, this essential oil is obtained by steam distillation and is widely used globally for numerous reasons. Its existence came into being to treat various ailments like...

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attar (1)

Top Fragrance For Men Online In India

Finding the top fragrance for men is quite a daunting task. Weeks and weeks pass by while scrolling endlessly on shopping sites or trying out samples offline, but the one that we are looking for doesn’t seem to be found.  There are people who love to wear overpowering fragrances. The moment...

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Tulsi Incense Sticks

Which Agarbatti is Good for Health?

Have you ever wondered why incense sticks aka agarbattis are used in every household? What is it that makes them so important in daily worshipping?  Not just for worship rituals, agarbattis have become an indispensable part of Indians’ daily routine. Many people light agarbattis to make their houses free of insects,...

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magical benefits of rose essential oil

Top Hacks Of Essential Oil Usage

Essential oil  a term that is not unknown to people now. However, still, for some who are unaware, Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts. People have been using this amazing invention for a long time. It has a great fragrance and can make any bland day or moment super amazing...

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Best Essential oils

Essential Oil Jasmine Benefits & Uses

Essential oils have become quite a go-to item for people nowadays. They are beneficial for your holistic health and impart numerous benefits.  In the great wide world of wondrous essential oils, essential oil Jasmin Benefits  doesn’t get much-deserved attention. Jasmine essential oil is pleasant, sweet-smelling oil that evokes luxury, and some...

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