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Rooh Gulab Havan Cups Rooh Gulab Havan Cups
Rooh Gulab Havan Cups
Experience the serene aura of Nirmalaya Rooh Gulab Havan Cups. Let the divine fragrance of Rooh Gulab gently drift into your life and fill you with devotion and peace within. The sweet notes will uplift your surroundings leaving you feeling calm and rejuvenated. Filled...
Rs. 270
Rs. 300
Rs. 270
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Kesar Sandalwood Havan Cups Kesar Sandalwood Havan Cups
Kesar Sandalwood Havan Cups
Experience the serene aura of Nirmalaya Kesar Sandalwood Havan Cups. The sweet and rich notes of saffron blend seamlessly with the warm and comforting aroma of sandalwood creating a heavenly combination that uplifts your surroundings leaving you feeling calm and rejuvenated. Filled with a...
Rs. 270
Rs. 300
Rs. 270
Save Rs. 30
Devotional Pack
Devotional Pack
Immerse in your holy practices and gain the blessings of the divine with the pack of Sambrani Havan cups. For all the devotees, delve into the pure blessings of Sambrani Havan cups and remove negative energies to embrace positive vibes. Contains: 2 Sambrani Havan...
Rs. 499
Rs. 600
Rs. 499
Save Rs. 101
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Which Agarbatti is Good for Health?

20 Mar 2023

Have you ever wondered why incense sticks aka agarbattis are used in every household? What is it that makes them so important in daily worshiping?
Not just for worship rituals, agarbattis have become an indispensable part of Indians’ daily routine. Many people light agarbattis to make their houses free of insects, and some light them to make their living space fragrant. For some, agarbattis’ fragrance aids in increasing their productivity levels by helping them concentrate on the given tasks. Some use agarbattis for aromatherapy to ease their anxiety and reduce their stress levels.

For the unknown, agarbatti is a thick stick covered in a substance that when burnt produces a pleasant fragrant smell. Agarbatti or incense stick is an integral part of Hindu worship rituals. The name ‘agarbatti’ is derived from ‘agarwood’ which is commonly used in incense production. Vedas, a source of many ancient wonders, is also a source of incense invention and its usage. Traditionally, incense burning was used to create pleasing aromas and for medicinal purposes. Today, many cultures have accepted incense burning benefits and they are widely used worldwide for varied reasons. Although incense burning has many benefits, the most incredible one is that it acts as a catalyst for promoting holistic health. Agarbattis or incense sticks focus on healing mental health through their therapeutic aromas which are pure magic. What are the

Health benefits of burning agarbattis aka incense sticks?

The world has been using agarbattis for generations not just for ritual purposes but also to facilitate well-being. They facilitate better sleep, increase concentration, and help people be more creative and motivated in life.

There are different fragrances that focus on different aspects of life and offer theological, aesthetic, and utilitarian benefits. The Nirmalaya incense sticks, for example, are handcrafted agarbattis that diffuse a pleasant aroma and create a positive atmosphere in your living space. Crafted by skilled women artisans, using recycled temple flowers, Nirmalaya’s divine incense sticks are the classic scent of serenity and prosperity.

These are a few of the many health benefits that you can incorporate into your life with Nirmalaya’s eco-friendly incense sticks:

  • Increases productivity levels- Fragrances have a subtler effect on the mind and body than music, making them ideal partners for work, study, or partaking in a hobby that requires specific focus. Light Joy Incense stick while you are working or studying and observe your productivity levels go high multifold as these agarbattis aka incense sticks improve alertness and concentration making any task you do productive smoothly.
  • Helps you sleep soundly- Fast-paced lifestyles and hustle culture have drastically altered our sleep patterns, and many people suffer from insomnia. Bakhoor Incense Stick helps you sleep soundly by calming your nerves. Burning Nirmalaya agarbattis helps reduce stress by bringing balance to your chakras and aids sound sleep.
  • Promotes Balanced Health-  Studies have shown that smells can produce both psychological as well as physiological responses. Scents can have a calming effect on the mind and body. A good fragrance not only improves your mood but also does it without any side effects or the risk of addiction. Serotonin is a natural mood stabilizer that is activated when one burns agarbattis and can help with sleeping, eating, and digestion.
Patchouli agarbattis are known for their one-of-a-kind fragrance that instantly creates a cheerful environment. Their fragrance reduces depression and regulates anxiety.
  • Purifies the atmosphere and air- The floral and woody fragrances of Natural herbs incense sticks and Rooh Kewda incense sticks have cleansing properties. Light these wondrous agarbattis to mask unpleasant odors at home. Fragrances such as Serene, Tulsi, and Vetiverincense sticks will immediately ‘clear’ the air, leaving behind a sense of freshness and a new beginning.
  • Helps you unwind and de-stress- Light the Zen Incense stick, curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea, a book, and some relaxing music, and ‘feel’ its fragrance. It will help you loosen up by giving you the time and space away from the hassles of everyday living.

There is no one specific agarbatti that has all the benefits in it. Rather different fragrances are responsible for making you feel happy and freeing you from daily stress and struggles.

Nirmalaya’s Incense Sticks collection enhances one’s mood and calms down the mind. The fragrances activate your senses and relax your nerves by making you less anxious. In short, Nirmalaya incense sticks aka agarbattis promote holistic health.
Go for the best quality, calming agarbatti fragrances of Nirmalaya, and light up your life with their fantastic health benefits!


The fragrance you wear gives a final touch to your overall personality. The best fragrance for men is a statement to the world that you know who you are and it presents your individuality to the world. Keeping the above point in mind, the chosen fragrance will result in a better statement overall.

Go on impress the world with your fragrance.

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