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Rooh Gulab Havan Cups Rooh Gulab Havan Cups
Rooh Gulab Havan Cups
Experience the serene aura of Nirmalaya Rooh Gulab Havan Cups. Let the divine fragrance of Rooh Gulab gently drift into your life and fill you with devotion and peace within. The sweet notes will uplift your surroundings leaving you feeling calm and rejuvenated. Filled...
Rs. 270
Rs. 300
Rs. 270
Save Rs. 30
Kesar Sandalwood Havan Cups Kesar Sandalwood Havan Cups
Kesar Sandalwood Havan Cups
Experience the serene aura of Nirmalaya Kesar Sandalwood Havan Cups. The sweet and rich notes of saffron blend seamlessly with the warm and comforting aroma of sandalwood creating a heavenly combination that uplifts your surroundings leaving you feeling calm and rejuvenated. Filled with a...
Rs. 270
Rs. 300
Rs. 270
Save Rs. 30
Devotional Pack
Devotional Pack
Immerse in your holy practices and gain the blessings of the divine with the pack of Sambrani Havan cups. For all the devotees, delve into the pure blessings of Sambrani Havan cups and remove negative energies to embrace positive vibes. Contains: 2 Sambrani Havan...
Rs. 499
Rs. 600
Rs. 499
Save Rs. 101
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Why Dhoop Batti Is Great For The Environment ?

22 Mar 2023

Dhoop batti is used in almost every kind of religious ceremony, including Big Puja, Havana, etc. It is used to spread the scent of the incense and create a sense of devotion among the followers.

Many of us have probably been to a temple somewhere in India, and you’ve likely noticed the incense burning. The dhoop batti that we use here in India are made in various sizes and shapes, with the main ingredient being agar (or resin) extracted from different parts of trees which give the incense its scent. The incense is burned as an act of devotion to God. Filling your house with incense sticks and dhoop batti has always been regarded as a symbol of your devotion as well as relaxing one's mind and body. Incense sticks have been used in India since ancient times. The incenses produce a mesmerizing fragrance when lit, and make the environment feel extremely comfortable. In ancient history, the surroundings looked pleasant with incense being burned. Incense has a very healing effect, even though it does not cure any disease. It is used to provide peace of mind and comfort as well as for holistic development.

Incense is also known as a matter of fact that it has special healing powers as well. The aromatic smoke released from dhoop batti has a medicinal value and can be used to cure ailments like cold, cough, flu, and myriads of other illnesses. It induces positive feelings and a refreshing mind. Dhoop stick delivery in India is the common practice for performing an essential yoga practice known as the Puja at home or with the family. Dhoop is one of the primary materials needed during any Puja, especially for welcoming Gods and Goddesses into your house and this includes Agarbathi, camphor, vibhuti विभुती too.

Have you ever considered how a regular dhoop batti (dhoop) can give your home or office the power to keep diseases at bay? Not only do these sticks aid in keeping your body fit and healthy, but they are also enriched with antibacterial properties that are beneficial for the environment. The smell is so great that you'll be able to relax in the sense of knowing all the nooks and corners in your house, garden, or office have been sanitized.

The best way to get a good night's sleep is through dhoop batti. There are many kinds of dhoop batti without unwanted effects and negative side effects. Dhoop batti also has fragrant smells which aid in relaxing the body and de-stressing, providing a positive effect on the mood. Some even carry smells that help with depression, which results in a better sleep pattern for a long period of time. The best part is that it doesn't take too much of your time especially if you're already tired, in bed, and just need some relaxation without any distractions.

Incense is used to create the perfect ambiance for many different times and events. Some people find that dhoop batti incense help with meditation and yoga, others have them burning in their homes as everyday scent therapy. Incense helps relax the body and clear the mind for better health. When you use this handmade dhoop batti, you will not have to worry about chemicals or toxins entering your body and harming your health. Instead, you will be using ingredients made from the dung of cows that were treated with respect during their life cycle before their death. Nirmalaya Dhoop batti is made from recycled temple flowers and is 100% free from charcoal. We make dhoop batti from sacred temple flowers and manufacture them using pure ingredients. We have six types of dhoop batti fragrances available- Tulsi, Jasmine, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Rooh Rose, and Forest wood. All the variants are CSIR approved with proper lab testing. These bamboo-less sticks online will freshen the mood and relax the atmosphere at your home & office. While meditating, or enjoying your reading sessions, you can light dhoop batti for a feel-good atmosphere.

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