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Rooh Gulab Havan Cups Rooh Gulab Havan Cups
Rooh Gulab Havan Cups
Experience the serene aura of Nirmalaya Rooh Gulab Havan Cups. Let the divine fragrance of Rooh Gulab gently drift into your life and fill you with devotion and peace within. The sweet notes will uplift your surroundings leaving you feeling calm and rejuvenated. Filled...
Rs. 270
Rs. 300
Rs. 270
Save Rs. 30
Kesar Sandalwood Havan Cups Kesar Sandalwood Havan Cups
Kesar Sandalwood Havan Cups
Experience the serene aura of Nirmalaya Kesar Sandalwood Havan Cups. The sweet and rich notes of saffron blend seamlessly with the warm and comforting aroma of sandalwood creating a heavenly combination that uplifts your surroundings leaving you feeling calm and rejuvenated. Filled with a...
Rs. 270
Rs. 300
Rs. 270
Save Rs. 30
Devotional Pack
Devotional Pack
Immerse in your holy practices and gain the blessings of the divine with the pack of Sambrani Havan cups. For all the devotees, delve into the pure blessings of Sambrani Havan cups and remove negative energies to embrace positive vibes. Contains: 2 Sambrani Havan...
Rs. 499
Rs. 600
Rs. 499
Save Rs. 101
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Get the Best Gugal Dhoop Cup For Pure Vibes

22 Mar 2023

Are you religious or are you spiritual? Is there much difference in both?

No matter what religion you belong to or on what spiritual journey you are on, one thing is for sure the almighty is there above to safeguard us from all the harm and only wants us to stay united as ‘human kind’ and not the flag bearer of a particular sect.

India is a secular country and all religions are respected equally here. The foundation of yoga is one of our biggest inventions. Because of Yoga only, we can take advantage of authentic meditation techniques today. We all must be proud.

Our rich and spiritual heritage has always seen Dhoop and Agarbattis in their worship practices. Lately, Gugal Dhoop Cup has been introduced to the aromatic substances list. And they not only smell amazing but are beneficial to our health as well.

Wondering what is Gugal Dhoop Cup exactly? How did it first come into existence and is it simple to use? Well, Gugal Dhoop Cups are very easy to use and you’ll be surprised at what this remarkable combination of organic ingredients can do when burnt on a little charcoal. The Gugal Dhoop Cup is made with Desi Cow-dung, Organic Ghee, Guggal, Camphor, Rice, Jaggery, and other beneficial natural herbs. The burning time is approximately 45-50 minutes and produces a positive aura and natural essence. It also aids in clarifying the atmospheric air.

The powerful benefits of the Gugal Dhoop Cup trace back to the ancient Indian Vedas. Sadhus were used to create a mystic ambiance and to draw out our innermost energy. Nirmalaya’s Gugal Dhoop Cup is a classic aromatic outcome of the ancient and sacred knowledge of the Vedas.

Let’s look at the bright side as to why Gugal Dhoop Cups are so prominent in making our lives aromatic along with their beneficial properties.Dhoop Cup has many benefits. They go beyond religion and spirituality and can be used easily in your routine life. 

  1. Soothes your nerves- Gugal Dhoop Cup offers a mixture of natural ingredients such as temple flowers, cow dung, etc. This magical concoction relieves anxiety by uplifting your spirit and empowering you to conquer the world with confidence. 
  2. Removes Negative Energy-  For ages, Gugal Dhoop Cup has been used for propitious occasions and ceremonies. Gugal is an ideal remedy to remove negative energy from your living space. The reason being it has a powerful ability to cleanse the air of negative energies. Its aroma keeps you stay optimistic through its potent scent.
  3. A suitable companion for your Yoga and Meditation Endeavors- Gugal Dhoop Cup is being used during Yoga and meditation rituals for a long time. Many priests burn small amounts of gugal at the beginning of various sadhana practices to dispel the obstructing forces and to visualize the protection circle. It is believed that obstructing forces cannot stand the smell of gugal Dhoop cup. Use them for offering prayers, meditating, relaxing, or simply creating an aromatic ambiance. The enriching fragrance of the Dhoop cup encourages your mind to think positive thoughts during meditative practices.  
  4. Eliminates foul odor with its potent aroma- Unlike any other fragrance, the aroma of  Gugal Dhoop Cup  stands out and overpowers every undesirable odor instantly. It leaves a pleasant scent in any space and makes the area refreshed.
  5. Energises and relaxes your senses at any time of the day- The versatility of the Dhoop Cup can’t be measured as its benefits seep through positively in your routine life easily. The relaxing aroma of the Dhoop Cup can transform your day from bland to amazing no matter what you light it.

Dhoop Cup is a big wonder in a tiny cup. Its divine and pleasant aroma has the powerful ability to transform any space into a tranquil ambiance.

NIRMALAYA’s Gugal Dhoop Cup is handcrafted with recycled temple flowers and is 100% safe to breathe. Enrich your lives by incorporating the magical aroma of the Dhoop Cup.

How to use NIRMALAYA’s Gugal Dhoop Cup?

NIRMALAYA’s Gugal Dhoop Cup is very easy to use. Light the cup in a non-inflammable zone by tilting it to about 45 degrees for about 10-20 seconds. After lighting it, place it on the Brass Dhuni and enjoy its captivating fragrance. You don’t have to worry about touching the dhuni as the brass covering keeps it safe to be touched after lighting the cup. 

Let’s bring out your soul’s inner strength as NIRMALAYA takes you on a journey of the most powerfully fragrant concoction of natural ingredients– Gugal Dhoop Cup!

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