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Rooh Gulab Havan Cups Rooh Gulab Havan Cups
Rooh Gulab Havan Cups
Experience the serene aura of Nirmalaya Rooh Gulab Havan Cups. Let the divine fragrance of Rooh Gulab gently drift into your life and fill you with devotion and peace within. The sweet notes will uplift your surroundings leaving you feeling calm and rejuvenated. Filled...
Rs. 270
Rs. 300
Rs. 270
Save Rs. 30
Kesar Sandalwood Havan Cups Kesar Sandalwood Havan Cups
Kesar Sandalwood Havan Cups
Experience the serene aura of Nirmalaya Kesar Sandalwood Havan Cups. The sweet and rich notes of saffron blend seamlessly with the warm and comforting aroma of sandalwood creating a heavenly combination that uplifts your surroundings leaving you feeling calm and rejuvenated. Filled with a...
Rs. 270
Rs. 300
Rs. 270
Save Rs. 30
Devotional Pack
Devotional Pack
Immerse in your holy practices and gain the blessings of the divine with the pack of Sambrani Havan cups. For all the devotees, delve into the pure blessings of Sambrani Havan cups and remove negative energies to embrace positive vibes. Contains: 2 Sambrani Havan...
Rs. 499
Rs. 600
Rs. 499
Save Rs. 101
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The Aromatic Elegance of Nirmalaya Jasmine Agarbatti: A Guide to Its Benefits and Uses

19 Apr 2023

Jasmine is a very strong-scented flower. You can smell the fragrance from afar. It is sweet and mild and used as a fragrance in several things. Its flowery and fruity musks set it apart from all the other fragrances. Jasmine has been used for decades in oils and aromatherapy. Just like the rose, it has been added to baths and used as a fragrance. 

Nirmalaya Jasmine Agarbatti is made from recycled flowers and dipped in essential oils to give it the perfect sweet fragrance. It can have several mental health benefits and help you meditate in peace. The aroma of Nirmalaya’s Jasmine Agarbatti is heavenly and majestic, it will transcend you in a place where you can relax and enjoy the fragrance. Nirmalaya Jasmine agarbatti is 100% safe to use as they are made from natural ingredients and are non-toxic. They bring in a lot of positivity and good vibes according to spirituality and are burnt in many temples for health and prosperity.

What does Jasmine agarbatti incense smell like? 

Jasmine Incense is a very floral fragrance as it comes from jasmine flowers. They have a mild, sweet fragrance that is also used in many other things like oils and perfumes. Jasmine incense has been used in aromatherapy for a very long time ago. 

Benefits of Using Jasmine Agarbatti 

Jasmine is a calm and soothing fragrance, its fruity tone makes it perfect for everyday use. Whether you light it in your temple or your home, it will fill your house with positive vibes. Using Nirmalaya jasmine agarbatti can soothe your mind and soul, improve your mood and promote a healthy outlook on life. 

When is the best time to burn incense sticks?

Nirmalaya Jasmine Agarbatti can be burnt throughout the day. However, many people believe that you should burn incense sticks in the morning. Though it is sound advice as the fragrance will last throughout the day and you can have a positive start to the morning it can also be burned in the evening during pooja time or as a way to repel mosquitoes. 

Which agarbatti is best for home?

Nirmalaya Jasmine Agarbatti is best to burn at home as it has a subtle sweet fragrance that is not too overpowering and lingers for a long time. It can be used to purify and cleanse the environment. The floral fragrance can get rid of insects and freshen up your home. 

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