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Patchouli Incense Cones

A dhoop cone has been used in India since ancient times for offering prayers and making the surroundings pleasant. From getting rid of small insects to avoiding unpleasant smells, dhoop cones have multiple benefits. We, at Nirmalaya, are the dhoop cone manufacturers and are traditionally into the making of incense sticks, dhoop sticks, and dhoop cones from recycled temple flowers and ayurvedic ingredients. 

What is a dhoop cone? How to use a dhoop cone?

Dhoop cones are in a conical shape that has a spiritual significance and are made with a mixture of traditional ingredients. The usage of a dhoop cone is simple. Just burn the tip of the cone, place it on the holder and enjoy the soothing fragrance. 

What are the benefits of using a dhoop cone?

  1. Good for concentration and focus. 
  2. Dhoop cone is made from healing herbs and chemical-free ingredients. 
  3. Helps in relieving headaches, depression, anxiety, and tensions. 
  4. Dhoop cone burns faster than incense sticks and is handy to carry anywhere.
  5. The fragrance of a dhoop cone lasts for a longer time 

Why are dhoop cones so popular?

A dhoop cone has wonderful mental benefits as it enhances concentration while studying or meditating. Other health benefits include prevention against infections, relief from stress and headaches; the pleasant aroma helps reduce depression and anxiety. The steady fragrance helps create a soothing ambiance anywhere, anytime. A widely used incense product in homes and offices. These cones also help ward off negative energies. Thus, their cleansing properties have a significant place in religious and spiritual purposes. 

Dhoop Cone Online India From Nirmalaya

A chemical and charcoal-free pooja essential, the dhoop cone comes with a mild and soothing fragrance. The cones are rolled and given the shape of a cone. The paste is blended with natural essential oils and other healing ingredients. These dhoop cones are the best for offering prayers and are considered a good source of spiritual energies. 

At Nirmalaya, we are the Dhoop Cone Online India manufacturers. We make incense cones by collecting temple waste. The rural women from unprivileged sections of society handpick flowers and wash them. Further, they are dried and blended with herbal ingredients to make a paste which is then rolled and given the shape of conical dhoop cones. The fragrances available are- Jasmine, Rooh Rose,  Tulsi, Patchouli, Forest wood, and Sandalwood.  

Get incense cones home delivered to your doorstep at amazing discounts and enjoy the blissful fragrances of recycled flower petals.

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