Buy Incense Stick Holder Online India At Best Price

Buy Incense Stick Holder Online India At Best Price

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India is not just a land of various cultures and traditional customs but also a spiritual country. Many people across the country visit temples daily and also pray at their homes. One of the most integral parts of the prayer is incense sticks or incense stick holders. Specifically in the Hindu religion incense sticks are considered to be very sacred. It is also recommended to burn the incense stick two times a day and use the same stick for at least a week before changing it so that it mixes well with the environment. It can help clean the aura, fill the house with a mind-soothing aroma to alleviate your mood, and kills harmful germs. These incense sticks are a great way to clear the negative air and be positive in your life. The incense stick holders will make it easier to hold the incense sticks in a position so that it doesn’t fall when kept in the temple or while spreading the aroma in different rooms and corners of the house.

What is an incense stick holder?

The incense stick holders as mentioned above are helpful in pujas and religious ceremonies for holding multiple incense sticks together to prevent any damage. These incense stick holders have been used since ancient times in various parts of the world and can be easily available in the market or through an online medium in multiple shapes, sizes, and materials.

What are the different types of incense sticks holders?

Some of the common types of incense sticks that are available in the market include sticks, cones, oils, resins, etc.

If you are willing to light an incense stick you can opt for an incense stick holder that holds a stick or multiple sticks straight or maybe at an acute angle for making it look appealing. They burn quickly usually in the time frame of about 15-20 minutes.

The second type is holders in the form of backflow incense cones which tend to burn relatively at a higher pace thus releasing the smoke into the atmosphere. They don’t have a strong aroma but burn for a long time.

The next holders are made to hold the coil incense sticks which can be burnt anywhere easily and keeps on burning for a few hours.

The last type of holder is used for resin incense sticks which have been used for ages for purification and many spiritual rituals.

What is the different material of incense stick holders and their benefits?

The incense stick holders are made of different materials and had added benefits of the same. We have listed some of them below. Let’s read it to gain more information.

Brass incense stick holder – It comes in golden colour, in various shapes & sizes depending on use. Brass incense stick holders can be a great choice for lighting up resin incense as it has an excellent quality to withstand high temperature preventing any type of cracks. This is an easy way to bring back the relaxing atmosphere that will ultimately calm our minds, body, and soul.

Marble incense holder – Since these incense stick holders are made of marble hence the look and feel are extremely eye-pleasing. It is also a highly durable material. A lot of them are handcrafted as well and are available in different patterns & designs.

Ceramic incense stick holder – These incense stick holders are usually round, oval, or cylindrical. They are available in vibrant colours in many beautiful patterns. They can be perfectly placed in the temple of your house & office which will help to keep your senses calm.

Wooden incense stick holder – These incense stick holders are extracted through natural sources like trees which brings you closer to nature. They are brown in colour and at times perform dual functions i.e. they can be used as a holder & also as a storage case as well. Beautiful carvings are done by artisans to enhance their beauty. They are usually long or circular.


Hope that the above-mentioned have been useful to know more about incense stick holders. Also other than using these incense stick holders for prayers, incense sticks placed in these holders are used with essential oils, which can help release stress and induce good sleep.

And these incense stick holders with incense sticks on it can be easily kept on the balcony to get rid of the mosquitos as well.

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