Buy Organic Sacred Dhoop Sticks Online

Buy Organic Sacred Dhoop Sticks Online

From researching how flowers and other waste from temple offerings can be recycled to developing our own CSIR-approved patented recycling process, Nirmalaya has come a long way.

The ancient civilizations had started using the sacred dhoop sticks and since then they are being used in medical therapies and for the purification of surroundings. One can find the usage of sacred dhoop sticks as room fresheners and to gain spiritual enlightenment in the Hindu culture. Today, dhoop or incense sticks are in global demand because of their beneficial usage and aromatic presence. Without these sacred dhoop sticks, any kind of religious worship seems incomplete. Their usage can be found right from pleasing the Gods to uplifting the mood during a social gathering. A wide range of Organic scared dhoop sticks is available in the market in a variety of fragrances including floral sticks, sandalwood sticks, perfumed sticks and many other options too.

 Benefits of Using Sacred Dhoop Sticks:

  • Their presence can make one’s health, mind, and soul better. Dhoop’s incense enhances our focus at the time of reading or while meditating. It also helps in preventing infections, relieving headaches, fighting depression, and reducing anxiety and tension.
  • The sacred dhoop sticks, while lighting, release a soothing aroma that calms our mind along with creating a relaxing atmosphere in our surroundings. It lasts for a long time and each stick lasts for at least 15-20 minutes. The studies tell us that the essential oils present in the incense are helpful in clearing nasal blockages and improving the air around you, replicating the benefits of aromatherapy. Hence, they are specially kept and used in alternate healing centers.
  • These sacred dhoop sticks are a product of a mixture of different kinds of resins and are extremely beneficial for patients suffering from asthma, bronchitis, and cold. An assortment of various essential oil, aromatic herbs, and flowers are used in the making of traditional Indian sacred dhoop sticks.
  • It is a general practice to light aroma sticks, candles, and such stimulants in the bedroom before retiring for the night. Dhoop batti can also help you sleep better. They contain strong scents which act as natural sedatives that have a soothing sensation on the body and help your body relax so that you can sleep soundly.


“Dhoop” was traditionally used in India to make the nearby area pleasing and to get rid of small insects. But, today, it has innumerable benefits.

Whether it is to calm your racing mind, or treating any breathing trouble, or you want to impress the almighty, the sacred dhoop sticks can work wonders for you.

In today’s environment where everything has become so polluted, one needs to have a natural solution to keep his health and mind healthy.

Airborne diseases are quite prevalent nowadays so there is a need to filter the air from a low microbial load to reduce the impact of air-borne diseases. Presently there are many chemical alternatives that are used to deal with the situation, but they also impart several side effects. Nirmalaya aims to fight this problem in a natural way.

Our sacred dhoop sticks have antimicrobial properties which act as a savior. Our team, which is made up of some amazing women, handpick flowers and use time-tested methods to craft incense that’s good for you, and good for the earth.

In countries like India, most of its functions and social gathering start with lighting a dhoop or incense stick. Our vision is to have dhoop sticks which can perform dual functions- making the surrounding spiritual and keeping you healthy. Additionally, the cost to prepare these sacred dhoop sticks is so economical that anybody can bear it which will eventually become a better option against the costly chemical alternatives.

Nirmalaya’s present work is to have a focused approach towards manufacturing the best dhoop sticks. We are committed to creating a space where there are fragrances that are kind to your senses and that, after being lit, leave a feeling of purity in your home. We are on a mission of making our country free of religious waste and chemical-laden products. A country where there are only fragrant smiles and happy homes.

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