6 Essential Oils Benefits For Health You Must Know

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6 Essential Oils Benefits For Health You Must Know!

Do you have knowledge of what essential oils are used for? Essential oils have many benefits which depend on the fragrance you choose. The best essential oils are made from plant extracts, roots, traditional ingredients and are often used in aromatherapy. You can use the oils in a diffuser for a soothing scent.

We all know that the sense of smell is closely tied to our memories and emotions, perhaps more so than any of our other senses. This is because when we smell something, it passes through the olfactory bulb, which runs on a passage from the nose along the bottom of the brain, connecting it to the hippocampus and amygdala. These brain areas are responsible for our deep memories and feelings, which is why essential oil scents can be powerful. It can help relax the body, help sleep, and reduce headaches.

At Nirmalaya, we have natural essential oils that are made from recycled temple flowers, plant extracts, roots, and other toxin-free ingredients that are safe to breathe and best for healing purposes.

Let’s look into what are the benefits of essential oils for health.

Essential Oils Diffuser Benefits For Health

Essential oils are obtained from parts of plants like barks, flowers, herbs, roots, and leaves. The oil holds the scent or essence of plants and it has strong aroma compounds, which makes it unique for healing. 

1. Essential Oils for Anxiety and Calming effect

These helps in calming your brain as the soothing scent of natural essential oils enters directly into the brain that triggers an intense emotional response. By inhaling pure essential oils, the brain signals emotions that make you feel hopeful. These oils when diffuse, they create an atmosphere that is optimistic. With our ceramic essential oil diffuser, you can pour 4-5ml of drops onto the petals and you are good to go! The anxious feelings are diffused the moment you inhale soothing scents. 

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2. Essential Oils Benefits For Improving Sleep

Do you feel difficulty in sleeping or are not able to sleep after a long tiring day? Then aromatherapy is beneficial for you. When oils are diffused, it treats psychological disorders such as anxiety, stress, and depression. Using pure oils made from plant extracts and flowers reduces the negative emotional conditions that calm your brain and help you sleep better.

3. Increase in energy and Staying Active

These are associated with certain health benefits that include motivation, focus, and energy enhancement. When oils are poured onto the diffuser, it helps to decrease fatigue and boost energy levels, focus, and enhance positive mood. For an energetic morning, you can pour a few drops of our lemongrass essential oil into the bathwater and then have a good bath. This will keep you fresh throughout the day. 

4. Essential oils help relieve migraines and headaches

Certain studies have found that essential oils when used in our routine, lead to increased cognitive performance and muscle-relaxing and mentally relaxing effect. They also have a soothing effect to reduce sensitivity to headaches. If you suffer from constant pain in the head area, then try out natural oils made from flowers and plants, as these are safe to inhale and are 100% organic. At Nirmalaya, all our oils are lab tested and they are free from harmful chemicals. 

5. Natural Essential oils To Keep Your Home Smelling Good

These oils basically soothe us by the route of senses such as smell (aroma), touch, and texture. Our essential oils for diffuser can be used to keep at bay the bad smell that creates uneasiness. You can keep our essential oil diffuser in shoe racks for removing the bad odor. These can also be placed in your cupboard to keep the clothes smelling fresh. When you are traveling for a long, these are for the diffuser can be placed on the car dashboard as well so that traveling sickness can be kept at bay. 

6. Freshens Up Your Atmosphere

When natural essential oils are diffused in the environment, these oils are known to instantaneously freshen the atmosphere, thereby acting as a natural room freshener or perfume. The chemical-based air fresheners available widely in the market have toxic components that could harm us in the long term. On the other hand, Nirmalaya natural oils are entirely safe and non-toxic, and lab-tested. It can work as a room freshener and, at the me-time, relaxes the atmosphere

The properties of natural essential oils:

  • They are a non-toxic alternative for you and your loved ones.
  • They are organic and environmentally-friendly
  • They promote physical and emotional well-being by improving mental health.
  • They help to improve the quality of life
  • They can replace conventional chemical-based air purifiers
  • They can be used in DIY products like creating bathing salts.
  • They are versatile

Remember, to get optimal benefits and results, you must use therapeutic Nirmalaya oils that have NOT been adulterated and made from flower petals and plant extracts. Adulterated oils contain synthetic chemicals and toxins, which may actually be harmful to your body.

Start with oils like Sandalwood, Jasmine, Rose, Lavender. Because the world of essential oils is so vast, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you are first starting out. We recommend choosing basic oils and beginning using them. This is truly the best way to learn about their potential and how they can fit into your life.

Some of the popular essential oils are:

Used as directed and in moderation, natural oils can be incredibly powerful oils that can bring a whole host of natural health to you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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