How to burn backflow incense cones?

How to burn backflow incense cones

Incense has been used traditionally since old times in our homes as an aromatic material. Incense burners release fragrant smoke into an enclosed space when burned. In the modern age, incense is used for aromatic purposes and because of its beautiful and aesthetic appeal. People commonly backflow incense cones for meditation, ceremonial uses, as a natural air purifier, and even when practicing yoga.

Backflow incense cones flow in the direction opposite to the common ones and create fragrant smoke that flows downwards instead of up. You can pair it with backflow burners for aromatherapy and creating a soothing atmosphere. These are beautiful to look at as these backflow incense cones flow like a fountain creating the illusion of a waterfall. They are effective when it comes to dispersing the scent across the room. For burning backflow incense cones, you will need the incense itself, some matches, and a backflow burner. 

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Step-by-step guide on how to burn Backflow Incense Cones easily:

Step 1 Firmly hold the backflow incense cone from the base and light the tip at an angle of 45-degree. 

Step 2 Let the flame of the backflow incense cone cover the tip for 4-5 seconds before extinguishing it completely.

Step 3 If the backflow incense cone is not glowing properly, then repeat the above steps and make sure the burnt tip does not look ashy. 

Step 4 Once the tip of the backflow incense cone is slightly glowing, blow on it gently till you can smell the fragrance

Step 5 Keep the backflow burner on a surface that is heat resistive to avoid any accidents

Step 6 Place the incense cone on the holder by aligning the bottom with the hole on the backflow burner

How to extinguish backflow incense cones?

  1. Pick up the backflow incense cone carefully.
  2. Press the tip that is burnt against a surface that is heat resistant until the embers fall off
  3. You can also use water and place the backflow incense cone into a cup of water to fully extinguish its embers
  4. Once you dip the cone in water, you will have to discard it because the cone will not be able to burn further
  5. Dispose of the incense cone before cleaning the holder

How long does the backflow incense cone burn for?

Backflow incense cones are no different than normal incense sticks or cones that we use regularly. They are meant for one-time use only. These backflow incense cones will burn for up to 20 minutes. Each backflow incense cone at Nirmalaya is made with natural aromatic ingredients blended with plant extracts to create its fragrance. These cones are safe to breathe and free from charcoal and other harmful elements. 


Burning cones with safety are essential; you will not want to leave them unattended when burning and submerge them in a cup of water before leaving the room.

When burning the backflow incense cone, make sure to keep your fingers away from the fire. You can also use the equipment for holding the cones like tweezers during the burning process for added safety

Place the holder on a heat resistive surface before lighting up your backflow incense cone.

Keep the burner away from items that are flammable like curtains, drapes, and carpets

Avoid placing your burner in closed and confined spaces like drawers, cupboards, or even closets.

Keep out of reach from children and pets. 

Burning backflow incense cones not only produce appealing and fresh floral fragrances but also create stunning visuals. After a long tiring day, if you want to relax, you can light these cones to create a beautiful waterfall illusion that is soothing to the eyes. Although they are traditionally used in ceremonies, incense cones are now also commonly used for relaxation in households on a regular basis. It is very important to always burn incense safely and avoid incense smoke if you have respiratory conditions.

At Nirmalaya, backflow incense cones are handmade by rural women who come from unprivileged sections of society. The cones are made with recycled temple flowers and plant extracts. These are safe to breathe and the best way to keep you energized.

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