Are You Burning The Incense Sticks The Right Way?

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To have the best and most trouble-free experience out of your incense stick or cones is to use the best incense stick holder while burning them. Incense sticks and cones are a familiar sight in religious places. However, over recent years, it has become a common practice to use them as air fresheners in homes and offices. And that’s why it is of paramount importance for the users to know how to burn incense in a safe manner. Without adequate knowledge and proper safety, burning incense can be fatal, especially when there are burnable objects nearby. 

Using an incense stick holder is not only helpful for collecting the ash that burning incense sticks leave behind but also enhances your home décor’s overall aesthetics. Incense stick holders come in a variety of materials but they are majorly available in the marketplace in wood and ceramic. Wooden incense stick holders are generally more budget-friendly than ceramic ones and have a natural look, but these holders are not heat-resistant and they should be spot-cleaned only. On the other hand, ceramic incense stick holders come in more intricate designs and can easily be cleaned with simple mild dish soap or can be cleaned in boiling water. Ceramic can be used with resin also when filled with sand first.

Although there are plenty of options available in the market for incense stick holders, choosing one of them can be a difficult job. Selecting the perfect holder for your incense stick is essential for an aromatic experience.

To make your selection procedure easier, we have put down some points to help you find that perfect holder for your incense sticks. Take a deep breath and check out Nirmalaya’s incense stick holders below:

Ceramic Incense Stick Holders

Bring delicate style to your home with Nirmalaya’s floral incense stick holders. Designed to support a single incense stick, they have a simple design with a beautiful ceramic design at the center. With these cute ceramic holders, it's not only the scent that will calm you but also the visuals. The holders have been delicately crafted entirely from ceramic, making them sturdy as well as easy to clean — so they can last for years. They are perfect for anyone who is just getting started with incense. Start trying with your new favorite. It has a beautiful marble finish.

Wooden Incense Stick Holders

Are you fond of adorable things? Look no further because Nirmalaya’s wooden incense stick holders are nothing but cute. These holders are entirely made up of recycled wood and have intricate designs. Their sizes are perfect to be used with any incense stick, so you rest assured, that they will fit any type of incense stick securely. While the floral style is delightful, you can also try the lotus, leaf, or hamsa motifs incense stick holders, if you are looking for different styling.

Our Nirmalaya Fam is the best

People who bought these incense stick holders have nothing but just wonderful things to say about them. Let’s see what our lovely customers have to tell you:

Himani says: “I have holders in all of the rooms in my house so that I can light the sticks whenever I feel like it. Nirmalaya’s holders have a perfect-sized hole in which you can burn any variety of incense sticks. They stay in one place once stuck in the hole and the ash falls directly down to the wood. These are aesthetically crafted and look perfect in my home!”

Mehak says: “I absolutely adore Nirmalaya’s incense stick holder! To watch the smoke flow down is pure bliss! It looks great, no matter, in any location of my home I put it. It’s so simple to clean it, just a simple wipe down when I do my weekly cleaning. There is also no residue all over the place like other incense burners that I have used in the past. This is a perfect gift for your loved ones or for anyone you know that likes something unique or incense.!”

Neetu says: “I love Nirmalaya’s flower motif incense holder. I had a horizontal one for a while from some other brand and the ash used to get everywhere but since becoming a user of Nirmalaya’s incense stick holder, I have nothing to complain about. The ash falls directly onto the top of the holder and looks well cleaned. It works so well.”

Concluding words

Most of us are working from home at the moment and are entirely consumed with household and office responsibilities, hence, cleaning up the incense ash should not be on anyone’s checklist. Whether you burn an incense stick, a cone, or a coil, a suitable holder is crucial for aesthetic and functional purposes. Otherwise, your living room, study, office, or bedside table will always be covered with unwanted ash. 

Nirmalaya incense stick holders are beautifully handcrafted and designed to provide an aesthetic feel to any premise on which they are placed. Some incense stick holders have a modern style with a minimalist design and color palette, while others have a more ornate look with ceramic figurines or bold patterns. Consider what style you prefer for your incense holder and choose the best accordingly.

Happy Shopping!

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