Organic Incense Sticks For Worship, Meditation, and Yoga 

Organic Incense Sticks For Worship, Meditation, and Yoga 

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Burning organic incense sticks is a well-known relaxation method that is used worldwide, and each fragrance made with temple flowers and a blend of ayurvedic ingredients has different uses and positive effects on the state of mind. At Nirmalaya, we have a wide range of the best organic incense sticks that have been made from floral waste and are 100% therapeutic. These incense sticks can be lit during yoga, meditation, and therapy because they calm the body and provide a relaxing sensation and also help you focus. 

The Rich History Of Natural Incense Sticks

Walking through any house or a lane in the early morning or late afternoon, bells ring in every house where people pray with their families and incredible organic incense sticks fragrance waft out of their windows, blending together on the streets. This is a common scene in Indian households.

The ancient spiritual seers designed a meditative worship ritual. It is known as puja where prayers are offered to the Divine, thus purifying one’s mind and heart. In this spiritual ceremony, fire and incense sticks are offered or lit to purify the sense of sight. A conch shell is sounded and a bell is rung to purify the sense of hearing. In the same way, organic incense sticks are offered to purify the mind via the olfactory sense. At Nirmalaya, we recycle temple flowers, thus keeping alive the purity and divinity of the prayers through our organic incense sticks. We believe that what is offered to god, goes back to the almighty in the form of prayers. 

How Organic Incense Sticks Are Made?

The purifying and spiritual power inside the incense sticks smoke comes from auspicious herbs, a special thick paste is prepared by our women workforce which is burned during the puja ceremony. This paste is called dhoop. Earlier incense sticks paste was made from the eight fragrances powder, sandalwood, another wood powder, but it also included charcoal powder and some soft resins which are harmful to smell. Charcoal and other toxic chemicals used in incense sticks are not recommended as they lead to health issues and also pollute the environment. Nirmalaya organic incense sticks are 100% charcoal-free and safe to breathe. The thick paste is formed into incense sticks and when it burns, it produces a large amount of clean smoke. These incense sticks are also dipped in therapeutic and all-natural essential oils. 

Uses Of Organic Incense Sticks

For generations, Ayurvedic doctors added various healing herbs to the incense sticks or dhoop and started using them for healing purposes.

During ancient times, the art of making incense sticks was reserved mainly for the priests and Ayurvedic doctors, for worship and medicinal use. Royal families there used to burn the incense sticks to create a calming and elevating mood in their environment in their houses. It was when Buddhism was born in our country the burning of incense sticks became one of its primary practices. Organic incense sticks flourished worldwide and became the most important spiritual power. Incense sticks today are highly recommended while doing yoga or indulging in meditation. 

At Nirmalaya, we have different incense sticks fragrances available at discounted prices- Jasmine, Patchouli, Tulsi, Rooh Rose, Sandalwood, Forest Wood. 

For rich and exotic fragrances, we have the Ittar collection that’s sure to remind you of Arabic history- Oudh, Bakhoor, Mukhallat. 

We have a Meditation collection of incense sticks especially curated for meditation lovers and Yoga enthusiasts.

All the incense sticks fragrances are chemical-free and safe to breathe. For more information.  you can visit our website. You can also avail of free membership which has multiple benefits like free shipping, gifts for members, additional offers, and lots more.

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