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Bakhoor Dhoop Sticks (Bamboo less)


Dhoop Stick (Bamboo-less) Sleeve


Forest Wood Dhoop Sticks (Bamboo less)


Jasmine Dhoop Sticks (Bamboo less)


Joy Dhoop Sticks (Bamboo less)


Mukhallat Dhoop Sticks (Bamboo less)


Mysore Sandalwood Dhoop Sticks (Bamboo less)


Oud Dhoop Sticks (Bamboo less)


Patchouli Dhoop Sticks (Bamboo less)


Rooh Rose Dhoop Sticks (Bamboo less)


Serene Dhoop Sticks (Bamboo less)


Tulsi Dhoop Sticks (Bamboo less)


Buy the Best Dhoop Batti/ Dhoop Sticks Online India

Since the old civilization, dhoop sticks is being used in medical therapies, aromatherapies, and for the purification of surroundings. Moving further from the old Egyptian times, this dhoop batti was then used as a room freshener for propagating beautiful thoughts and for gaining spiritual enlightenment in Hinduism. Today, sticks is in demand around the world for their beautiful and calming fragrance. These aromatic dhoop sticks are used in every religion to complete a number of applications, right from pleasing the Gods to uplifting the mood during a social gathering when around near and dear ones. A wide range of natural  sticks/ dhoop batti can be easily availed from our website. 

List of  all Incense sticks available at Nirmalaya:

List of all Incense Cones available at Nirmalaya:

List of all Backflow Incense cones available at Nirmalaya:

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Why do we burn dhoop sticks? 

Dhoop sticks are a must-have essential be it worshipping ceremony, spiritual practice, or lifestyle need. Dhoop batti fills the environment with a soothing and calming fragrance. Our worshipping or prayer items are incomplete without  sticks. To help you find the best natural fragrances around, you can check out our organic dhoop sticks online handmade with love by women from less privileged sections of society, there is something for every aromatic sticks lover. Dhoop batti is commonly used in Hindu culture. No festive occasion or celebration is complete without lighting the best dhoop sticks. Along with an integral part of the worship, dhoop batti are lit in the offices, households, while meditating, praying, yoga, as amazing aromatherapy. 

Top Benefits of using Dhoop batti/ Dhoop sticks

  • Natural dhoop sticks are better for our body health, mind, and soul. Dhoop batti enhances focus and concentration during the time we are reading or meditating, it prevents infections, bad odor, relieves severe headaches, fights depression and anxiety, and reduces tension.
  • Dhoop sticks release soothing fragrances and burn steadily that calm our mind and create a peaceful atmosphere or wherever they are burnt. Dhoop batti lasts for a long time. 
  • There are several types of traditional herbs used in the making of dhoop batti, which are beneficial in our life. At Nirmalaya, we use traditional ayurvedic ingredients to make dhoop batti and they all are handmade traditionally.
  • Sticks online are widely used for various spiritual and religious purposes. They are manufactured from natural raw materials and are very effective in cleaning pollution from the atmosphere. 

We are dhoop stick manufacturers and we make all types of dhoop batti by recycling sacred temple flowers, ayurvedic aushadhis, and these are 100% charcoal free. The ingredients used inside make best dhoop sticks safe to breathe. 

Type of Dhoop Sticks at Nirmalaya:

We make dhoop sticks online from sacred temple flowers and manufacture them using pure ingredients. We have six types of dhoop batti fragrances available- Tulsi, Jasmine, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Rooh Rose, and Forest wood. All the variants are CSIR approved with proper lab testing. These bamboo-less  sticks online will freshen the mood and relax the atmosphere at your home & office. While meditating, or enjoying your reading sessions, you can light dhoop batti for a feel-good atmosphere. 

We make Nirmalaya dhoop sticks online by recycling sacred temple flowers and use traditional ayurvedic ingredients to manufacture dhoop batti online. 

How do our dhoop sticks stand out from the rest?

  • 100% Organic
  • Charcoal free
  • Handmade with love
  • Made from recycled temple flowers
  • Therapeutic and invigorating scents
  • Non- pollutant smoke

Our products are all made by women who come from the less privileged sections of society. At our company, empowerment and environment go hand-in-hand. Not only do the women get extra income but also bring goodwill and positivity to the temples. Being one of the top incense sticks manufacturers in India, our three pillars are temple waste management, women empowerment, and cleaning the rivers. This is what our company is made up of. We are on the mission of ridding our country of religious waste. Rose petals and other flower fragrances long gone are collected and recycled to produce an assortment of organic and handmade incense products.