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Bakhoor Incense Stick

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Buy Handcrafted Bakhoor Oud Mukhallat Attar/Ittar Incense Sticks

Are you someone who adores the royal fragrances, scents that uplift your soul, and wants your abode to be full of rich incense? Then Arabic fragrances featuring Bakhoor Oud Mukhallat Attar are just the right pick for you! These premium Arabic incense sticks remind you of the oriental past and history and would instantly land you into a different world. Our latest Ittar Collection features handcrafted incense sticks that have a touch of the ancient tradition. They carry a unique fragrance that’s sure to impress your loved ones and make them feel welcomed to your abode. 

Burning incense sticks have been a ritual in Indian tradition for a long time. Lighting an Agarbatti is a norm in most Indian households. Some people burn them daily, while others reserve them for special occasions when inviting guests for dinner, planning a get-together, marriages, and other events. The aromatic fragrances fill the surroundings with inviting scents and refresh the mood and further creating an ambiance that is calm and serene. Our latest collection of arabic fragrances oud bakhoor mukhallat are all handmade and are a premium offering. These rich scents are sure to transport you into an undisturbed world of peace. These oriental fragrances are manufactured after a lot of research and brainstorming. For a beautiful ambiance, try out our oud bakhoor mukhallat incenses that are available on our website at an exciting offer. 

What does Bakhoor mean? How can a Bakhoor burner help in aromatherapy?

Bakhoor meaning is popular in the middle east and they are wooden chips that are soaked in perfumed oil. When the bakhoor burner is lit it creates an exotic and beautiful aroma that spreads in the environment and makes the surroundings pleasant. Bakhoor oud is generally passed on among the guests as a gesture of hospitality, especially in Arab countries. These handcrafted incense sticks are best for special occasions like weddings or even when you just want to sit back and relax after a long hectic day. You can light bakhoor incense sticks even at the workspace to keep the mind fresh and relaxed. 

Bakhoor oud has many benefits in aromatherapy:

The benefits associated with Bakhoor are vast, ranging from psychoactive benefits, spiritual, to therapeutic and medicinal. The benefits we share here are only for the general information and are not to be relied on for treatment and diagnostic purposes.

  1. Bakhoor oud removes destructive and negative energies and calms the body, enhances awareness, reduces fear, invokes a feeling of harmony and vigor, and enhances mental functionality.
  2. Bakhoor eases obsessive behavior, neuroticism, and helps create balance and harmony in our homes.
  3. The bakhoor oud is also used for aesthetic purposes and to keep your homes fragrant at all times
  4. Bakhoor oud is highly effective for enlightenment, meditation, bringing deep relaxation and tranquility.
  5. Bakhoor is suggested for giving inspiration by proficient masters and the imperative affection for meditation
  6. Bakhoor oud is said to stimulate the psyche, bring connection with the transcendent, human body and consciousness. 
  7. Bakhoor helps to calm the whole entire spiritual system. improve mental clarity, opens the third eye and all of the upper chakras.

A premium offering, Bakhoor oud provides the house with a great relaxing and intriguing scent, making you yearn for more. Bring home this rich incense pack that weaves the magic of timeless fragrances from the past.

Arabic oud incense sticks for an aromatic atmosphere!

Arabic oud incense sticks are one of the ancient and most revered incenses.  Oud has been used for a very, very long time and they have been a regular feature in most cultural and religious rituals practiced by civilizations around the world. Arabic oud incense is one of the rare and precious woods because of its great value to humans. 

The deeply primitive, psychoactive, and extremely unique scent of good quality oud is widely regarded as one of the best scents for yoga and meditation and many other spiritual practices. Arabic oud incense will permeate your house, not only the outer one where you reside but also the inner one where you exist. When lit, this rich and royal Arabic incense will transport you to a divine and higher space. Well-known for its amazing mind-calming properties, the oud incense is sure to create a space where you can enjoy a good me-time. 

Our Arabic oud incense sticks are a blend of all-natural, sweet, and woody scents that leave you intrigued with their heavenly fragrance, making you yearn for more. Bring home this rich incense pack that weaves the magic of timeless fragrances from the past.

Oud Bakhoor Mukhallat incense that is ages old!

Oud Bakhoor Mukhallat incense has been used since ancient times and has proven to have amazing therapeutic properties. They have been used in the past to keep evil vibrations at bay and have an amazing fragrance; promote sleeping, and calms down the nerves and senses, making them a big hit in the incense world. We, at Nirmalaya, make pure incense sticks that are free from harmful chemicals and use sacred recycled temple flowers to make sticks and dhoop.

Nirmalaya Oud Bakhoor Mukhallat Incense Sticks

We make incense sticks by recycling sacred temple flowers and dipped them in all-natural essential oils. How do our incense sticks stand out from the rest?

  • 100% Organic
  • Chemical-free
  • Handcrafted with love
  • Made from sacred recycled temple flowers
  • Hand-dipped in natural essential oils
  • Therapeutic and invigorating scents
  • Non- pollutant smoke

Our oud bakhoor mukhallat incense is all made by women who come from the less privileged sections of society. At our company, empowerment and environment go hand-in-hand. Not only do the women get extra income but also bring goodwill and positivity to the temples. Being one of the top incense sticks manufacturers in India, our three pillars are temple waste management, women empowerment, and cleaning the rivers. This is what our company is made up of. We are on the mission of ridding our country of religious waste. Rose petals and other flower fragrances long gone are collected and recycled to produce an assortment of organic and handmade incense products.

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