We are certified from CSIR-CIMAP (Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, Lucknow. So, all our research on floral wastes and recycling ways are based on the government-approved certified methods. This helps us manufacture the best-in-class products out of recycled flowers. We are constantly looking for other alternate resources to make our products eco-friendly and remarkable.

We have a dedicated team involved in research to constantly focus on discovering alternate resources for making all our products organic and environment friendly. Our entire product range consists of flower-cycled products collected from temples, homes, as well as commercial complexes, thereby giving the people an environment friendly option for decomposing their holy offerings. All of our products are charcoal free and pose no threat whatsoever to the environment.

Our Advisors



Dr. RK Srivastava did his Ph.D. on Menthol mint production technology and popularization among the farmers of Uttar Pradesh. A renowned personality in his field, Dr RK Srivastava joined Fragrance and Flavour Development Center, Kannauj, Min. of MSME, Govt of India in 2002 as Extension Officer then Asstt. Director and served FFDC for 13 years.

At present, he is serving the Rural & Business Development, CSIR-CIMAP Lucknow as Sr. Scientist and Head. He is also responsible for technologies for the utilization of bio-resources.

He was involved to implement the utilization of offered flowers in incense sticks and fragrant cones in various major temples of India. Now, most of the temples are utilizing the offered floral waste to value-added products and creating livelihood to women.



With 12 years of experience in working with SHG Group, where she led a self-help group of 3000 women, Rupali Kailas is known for her role in setting up the first Agarbatti Project at Shirdi in collaboration with CIMAP Lucknow. She has participated in many exhibitions like Tata Chemical, Mumbai, Jeneva Foundation, IONI Exhibition at Tata World Trends Center in conjunction with Training Kasturi (Tata Chemical, Mumbai) etc.

Her knowledge, experience and insights she gathered from the exhibitions she has participated has empowered us to understand the benefits and ways to recycle floral wastes.