Sambrani Dhoop Cup To Bring Peace and Harmony

Sambrani cup benefits

Are you familiar with the word ‘Sambrani’? ‘Sambrani dhoop cup’ has become quite popular in the spiritual world in recent years. Let’s go through the meaning of this word and see where it comes from.

Sambrani is the Indian name for Benzoin. The term ‘Sambrani’ is invented by Ayurveda (an ancient system of medicine) for the yellow resin, a gum-like substance that comes from the perfumed bark of the Sal tree. The sap is extracted from the tree by making a sharp cut in the bark of the tree. This herbal resin is then collected and processed in the form of small granules that are pressed hard to form crystals of ‘Sambrani.’ It diffuses a pleasant balsamic fragrance when burned on a charcoal tablet.

The smoke of Sambrani has many medicinal benefits to one’s body. It helps in cleansing the nasal passages, enhances the mood, improves concentration and focus, and more. Sambrani is being sold in the market as ‘Sambrani Dhoop Cup’. A lot of brands have come with their own versions of ‘Sambrai Dhoop Cup.’ But one must be wise to know which one’s organic and beneficial for overall health. Cheap-quality versions are available in abundance all over the market.

Is Sambrani Dhoop Cup and Loban Cup Dhoop the same?

Basically, in India, Benzoin is referred to as Sambrani and Loban both. And they are actually the same only.‘Loban’ is derived from the Arabic word lubān, meaning fragrance. Whereas ‘Sambrani’ is devised by the Ayurveda. In the northern part of India, Loban is the widely used term for gum benzoin whereas, in the southern part of India, it is called Sambrani.

Different forms of Sambrani & its Usage as ‘Sambrani Dhoop Cup’

Now, since we know what is ‘Sambrani’, let’s see in what forms it is available. Sambrani is originally a solid material. Traditionally, it is used by breaking it into small pieces and sprinkling in the burning charcoal. Nowadays, Sambrani is readily available in different forms for convenient and instant usage.

  1. Sambrani Powder: The solid Sambrani/Loban crystals are broken into smaller crystal-like structures which then can be used as mentioned in the above traditional method. While burning small pieces, sometimes it takes time to start the ignition, so to make it better, Sambrani gums were broken evenly and made into a fine powder. Nowadays, Sambrani is widely available in the market in its powdered form.
  2. Computer Sambrani: This type is an interesting type of Sambrani and a lot of people get confused by its name. This sambrani form doesn’t have sambrani in it (though the name has it.) This was invented as an alternative to the traditional sambrani to produce the same type of fragrance to fill the surrounding. Instead of charcoal cubes, the charcoal powder with few other ingredients was used and sold in the shape of a cylinder or cones (dhoops). Since this was not organic, the word ‘Computer’ was added to it. (The actual Computers were invented in that period and it was cool to use that name for a simplified version of Sambrani). It was once very popular among brands.
  3. Sambrani Dhoop Cup: The most popular and easiest form of Sambrani that is being widely used in every house today is Loban/Sambrani Dhoop Cup. Sambrani Dhoop was introduced to overcome the complexity involved in the traditional method. Charcoal blocks that are heated to red hot are replaced with Charcoal cups and the fine Sambrani crystals are placed inside the cup. A great update, isn’t it?

Benefits of Sambrani Dhoop Cup

Burning ‘Sambrani’ is ten times more effective than consuming Anti-depressants. As mentioned earlier as well, there is a long history of medicinal benefits of using Sambrani Dhoop Cup:

  • It is the best antiseptic and disinfectant that draws out the harmful bacteria that cause cough and cold among humans.
  • It is anti-inflammatory.
  • Burning Sambrani dhoop cup helps in relieving stress.
  • The healthy smoke from a Sambrani dhoop cup provides relief from respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis. 
  • It accelerates the healing of wounds, and ulcers and relieves eczema, psoriasis, and rashes. 
  • It promotes happy hormones and soothes sadness, grief, and anger.

Sambrani Dhoop Cup has now become a routine in many Indian households today. Its fragrant and healthy smoke has impressed many of its users. ‘Nirmalaya’, a homegrown brand that recycles temple waste and crafts them into fragrant products, has a 100% organic and free chemicals collection of ‘Sambrani Cup Dhoop.’ Their products are handmade by women artisans who are earning their livelihood independently. ‘Nirmalaya’ has been an encourager of women’s empowerment since its inception. The founders have helped 1000+ underprivileged children to receive an education. Their mission is to make India cleaner by getting rid of all the temple waste. 

Nirmalaya’s Sambrani Dhoop Cup has become an important part of its users’ lives. Their Sambrani cup dhoop can be used for daily prayers, in offices, while meditating, and at festivals.

Simple heat the Nirmalaya’s ‘Sambrani Dhoop Cup’ and put it on the Sambrani stand. Within a few minutes, your surroundings will be filled with its aromatic presence.

Choose Nirmalaya, choose Nature!

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