Sandalwood Essential Oil With Magical Health Benefits


Sandalwood or Chandan oil is perhaps the most fragrant oil of all. This is the reason probably why Sandalwood essential oil is found in many perfumes and air fresheners nowadays. It’s a classic scent that comes from the roots of the ‘Indian Sandalwood Tree’ which is one of the most valuable trees in the world. Also, its products are used all across the globe. Products like perfumes, soaps, candles, and incense sticks are quite popular amongst people. Not just products, but Sandalwood essential oil has been in use for centuries for religious and cultural purposes as well. But the value of sandalwood oil goes beyond its scent. Sandalwood essential oil offers many health benefits as well.

Nirmalaya’s 100% unadulterated essential oil is made up of natural extracts of the Sandalwood tree. Its sweet, powerful, and long-lasting fragrance not only keeps one energized but promotes sound sleep. 

How did Sandalwood essential oil come into traditional usage?

Medicine practitioners in Ancient India used to treat their patients with Sandalwood. It became quite popular among them as it helped them treat a variety of conditions. For centuries, in Ayurvedic Medicine, East Indian sandalwood oil has been a popular ingredient. Some traditional Chinese medical practitioners also use Sandalwood oil for treating their patients.

Traditionally, the essential oil has been used to manage the common cold, urinary tract infections, liver and gallbladder problems, digestive problems, and sometimes, mental disorders too. 

essential oil’s scent also makes it a popular choice for perfumes and aromatherapy. Many ancient cultures practiced aromatherapy. Since sandalwood essential oil promotes mental and physical health outcomes, it is a popular choice among people for aromatherapy as well as meditation sessions.

Although it hasn’t been scientifically proven that Sandalwood essential oil is beneficial but people who have been using it for years claim otherwise. However, in recent years, few of the traditional uses of sandalwood oil have been tested with modern science. Some of their studies have claimed that sandalwood essential oil has health perks. 

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It is seen that sandalwood essential oil:

  1. Is anti-inflammatory

Sandalwood decreases inflammation in the case of skin disorders such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis and hence is considered anti-inflammatory by some studies. It is also found to treat acne and pimple scars and soothe the skin.

  1. Manages stress and anxiety

In a survey, some people reported that using essential oil for aromatherapy has helped reduce their anxiety. Another study found the participants’ blood pressure levels to be lower after the aromatherapy. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, sandalwood essential oil helps ease anxiety and stress and helps you sleep better at night. 

  1. Helpful in skin conditions

With its anti-microbial properties, Sandalwood essential oil eases skin irritation and itching. Apply the oil to the affected area and see if the condition gets better within a few days. 

Why choose Nirmalaya’s Sandalwood essential oil?

Because of its high demand in the market, Sandalwood essential oil can be found very easily. However, how authentic they are is what you have to find out. Since Nirmalaya’s products are handcrafted and are made using recycled temple flowers, the probability to use synthetic ingredients is very close to ‘zero.’ Our essential oils are neither “scented” nor “perfumed” which makes them pure and safe to use automatically. 

The best way to use our essential oil is in aromatherapy. You just need to simply

  • put a few drops in the ceramic diffuser
  • and let it diffuser the oil to make your house feel heavenly

Please note: If you are allergic to essential oils, we recommend you use the Sandalwood essential oil with a carrier oil like almond or argon oil to make it less strong. Rest assured it will not impact the benefits of Sandalwood in any manner.

The Takeaway

Although there is a lack of concrete medical proof, our ancestors have always believed in the health benefits of sandalwood oil. Nirmalaya’s15ml bottle of Sandalwood essential oil is enough to make you start your day refreshingly every single day. All you need to do is diffuse 3-4 drops on the ceramic diffuser and fill your surroundings with a soothing fragrance.

Trust in the power of Ayurveda and start your health journey with NIRMALAYA.

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