Vetiver Incense Sticks For Refreshing Mornings

Vetiver Incense Sticks

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Vetiver, also called khus, is a delightfully fragrant grass that has been in use since traditional times because of its cooling and refreshing qualities. In recent times, due to its calming and relaxing properties, vetiver incense sticks are popularly getting used in aromatherapy. For the same purpose, therapeutic vetiver oil is derived from the root of the vetiver plant, and the same is used in preparing incense sticks. Due to its calming and balancing fragrance, vetiver is used in many fragrant things. Vetiver is a member of the same family as other grasses including lemongrass and citronella. Incense made from vetiver is quite fragrant as it has a distinctive sharp and earthy scent that is soothing to smell. Vetiver incense is commonly used in holistic practice for its soothing and grounding capabilities. Vetiver is an ancient herb that has been in use for centuries and is used for holistic health benefits. This potent herb has antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and skin-rejuvenating.

Vetiver incense sticks has numerous benefits and it becomes even more beneficial to use them in daily routine due to such stressful times we live in. Let’s check out some of the vetiver incense benefits in detail. 

Vetiver Incense Sticks

150.00 135.00

Vetiver Incense Sticks Benefits

Vetiver incense has quite a few properties that make it a promising tool for aromatherapy.

  • Vetiver Incense for Alertness and Mental Fatigue-

In a recent study, researchers concluded that inhaling vetiver fragrance improves alertness and brain function. Vetiver incense’s fragrance may help your brain feel more awake if you’re struggling to focus on a task or remain alert to what’s happening around you.

In fact, using vetiver incense for aromatherapy has seen a positive effect on people with ADHD to focus on a task and filter out other sensory input.

  • Vetiver Incense Fragrance for sound sleep-

Lighting vetiver incense can help you sleep better and can improve breathing patterns. Vetiver incense increases the quality of exhalation and decreased inhalation when sleeping. The fragrance of vetiver incense can really help people who snore heavily. 

  • Vetiver Oil for Anxiety-

If you are suffering from anxiety, then Vetiver incense can help you calm down. The fragrance from vetiver incense makes one relaxed and may treat anxiety as well. Vetiver fragrance may help you if you experience anxiety. Getting exposed to vetiver fragrance calms down racing thoughts and has an anti-anxiety effect. 

  • Vetiver as an effective insect Repellent-

Due to its powerful fragrance and medicinal properties, vetiver incense is anti-mosquito. Insects like mosquitoes, ants, and such are repelled by their smell and your house remains free of toxins. 

How to use Vetiver Incense for Aromatherapy?

Vetiver incense fragrance is effective as an aromatherapy agent. That means it’s safe to inhale for health benefits.

Nirmalaya’s VETIVER INCENSE STICKS are crafted from natural ingredients and pure extracts of the vetiver plant. You can be tension free with NIRMALAYA as our products are CSIR certified and are 100% safe to breathe. Light Nirmalaya’s vetiver incense sticks and inhale their soothing fragrance as aromatherapy for nervousness, insomnia, and joint and muscle pain.


Many people still are shy of trying vetiver incense and are unknown of its heavenly and powerful properties. As discussed above, vetiver fragrance soothes a worried mind and calms one’s tensions, eventually improving mood and life altogether. Researchers are going on, however, to find out how vetiver is beneficial for the entire body. 

In the hustling world, that we live in today, what we need to know at present is that vetiver is a magical herb to soothe and calms anxiousness, stimulate a tired brain to feel more alert, and protect you from insects that can make you ill. One step at a time towards a relaxed lifestyle. 

Although vetiver has lots of benefits, we can’t overlook some of its side effects. Keep the following points in mind before shopping for Vetiver incense sticks.

  • No doubt. Vetiver is non- hectic, non-toxic, and non-sensitizing herb. But, it should be used cautiously in presence of pregnant women and children below 5 years of age.
  • It is best if you do not use vetiver incense if you are suffering from cancer, heart disease, or liver damage.

Always choose a brand that uses natural extracts to make its products. NIRMALAYA is one such brand that recycles temple flowers and makes fragrant products from them. There is no harm done to the environment in any of our fragrance-making processes and all our products are 100% pure and safe to breathe. 

Say hello to calming and relaxing times all day long with the soothing aroma of Vetiver incense sticks that are made from temple flowers and dipped in pure essential oils to help you live a happy life. 


  • *40 sticks per pack
  • Burning Time: 30 minutes
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