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Ylang-ylang essential oil has numerous benefits for our health, physical as well as mental. Extracted from the yellow flowers of a topical plant, Ylang ylang, this essential oil is obtained by steam distillation and is widely used globally for numerous reasons.

Its existence came into being to treat various ailments like malaria, headaches, and digestive distress. This oil was traditionally used as a herbal treatment for conditions such as stomach distress, rheumatism, gout, malaria, headache, and pneumonia.

Induced with antimicrobial and anti-anxiolytic properties, let’s explore this wondrous essential oil’s benefits.

Benefits Of Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

  1. May Help Reduce Anxiety

According to research conducted recently, it has been found that this essential oil has a soothing effect that reduces anxiety and improves self-esteem. It has also been observed by many who have used the oil in the past that ylang-ylang oil relieves stress and helps lower depression.

  1. May Have Antimicrobial Properties

Containing linalool, an antibacterial and antifungal compound called linalool, Ylang-ylang oil has shown a synergistic effect on microbial infections. 

  1. May Help Lower Blood Pressure

Ylang-ylang essential oil may help lower blood pressure by managing hypertension. When inhaled, ylang-ylang essential oil lowers levels of stress and blood pressure.

  1. May Have Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Ylang-ylang essential oil helps reduce oxidative stress. This wondrous oil reduces the risk of chronic diseases, such as cancer.

  1. May Help in Wound Healing

Studies have reported that essential oils, including ylang-ylang, have antiproliferative properties that inhibit tissue remodeling and eventually heal wounds. 

  1. May Help Fight Malaria

Ylang-ylang oil has been suggested as a great tool for mosquito control. It is a safer alternative to chemical compounds and is safe for humans and the environment. You simply need ylang-ylang essential oil, distilled water, and a spray bottle. Add the EO to a spray bottle with water and mix thoroughly and spray around to keep mosquitoes at bay. It eventually will help you fight malaria as it has anti-malarial properties.

  1. Enhances the mood

A few drops of ylang-ylang Oil are enough to reduce fatigue and improve mood. It is reported that the oil has also helped in the treatment of acute depression. Considered an aphrodisiac, ylang-ylang essential oil is helpful in relaxing nerves and fighting away stress and anxiety. All you need to add is a few drops of oil to your diffuser. 

Aromatherapy is the need of the hour as fragrances crafted from natural ingredients can make one feel 100 times better than any pill or tablet can ever do. Nirmalaya, a homegrown brand that recycles temple flowers and crafts them into aromatic products, has brought its ‘Ylang-Ylang’ Oil which is one of the most popular agents for aromatherapy in the market today. Nirmalaya’s Ylang-ylang essential oil is known for its relaxing effect and is one of the most popular essential oils in their stock.

Nirmalaya is a brand that crafts its products mindfully and aims to effectively reduce anxiety. Their ylang-ylang essential oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which help one fight daily stress and tension. This oil also aids wound healing and helps lowering blood pressure. In addition, this oil acts as an aphrodisiac and helps treat rheumatism and gout. 

Choose this powerful concoction and leave your worries behind.

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