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Buy Burning Incense Sticks Online India at Best Prices Incense sticks are widely used in Indian culture for purpose of pooja including other rituals. Majorly it’s about spreading positivity all around, it’s important to pick one that provides a natural aroma. Incense sticks are also an important part of aromatherapy...

Buy Burning Incense Sticks Online India at Best Prices

Incense sticks are widely used in Indian culture for purpose of pooja including other rituals. Majorly it’s about spreading positivity all around, it’s important to pick one that provides a natural aroma. Incense sticks are also an important part of aromatherapy where it creates a long-lasting impact on your mental health. The natural whiff of sticks can trigger specific responses. From relieving our stress to rejuvenating our minds, these sticks have got a lot to offer. At Nirmalaya incense store, we make organic incense sticks which are 100% charcoal free made from recycled flowers. The sticks made from natural fragrances are different from the ones which are of poor quality as they would be a mere pollutant that would cause more harm to our body along with the environment. List of incense cones available at Nirmalaya: List of Dhoop sticks available at Nirmalaya: Also Check: Havan Cups

What is an Incense Stick?

Incense sticks meaning in Hindi is Agarbatti. They are natural fresheners made of traditional ingredients that are burnt to release fragrant aromas. These natural sticks are handmade using Ayurvedic components that have been around for centuries. It has a place in many spiritual and religious rituals in cultures around the world.

What are the Ingredients For Making Incense Sticks?

Indian incense sticks are made using traditional ayurvedic contents. At Nirmalaya, we are the top incense sticks manufacturers in India. Our natural sticks are made using recycled flowers which are discarded in holy rivers. Our all-natural sticks are dipped in organic essential oils making them perfect for the environment. Revitalize your body, relax your mind with calming natural fragrances. Our agarbatti are available in 6 natural fragrances. We recycle tons of recycled flowers every year to give them a new life in the form of wellness products perfect for Pooja, Yoga, and Meditation or just relaxing on a Sunday morning.

Burning incense sticks benefits

In India, burning incense sticks is considered auspicious for certain festivals. Their major benefits in aromatherapy are countless. Whether you intend to make your entire home aromatic or meditate you can’t help but experience the positivity.

1. For Fresh Aromatic Air

When you burn incense sticks, they give off an aroma that is fresh and recharging. It quickly fills the air with scents that easily replace odors in your home. They are a great natural freshener that has an amazing fragrance that uplifts our mood instantly. For an instance, jasmine incense has an exceptional aroma with a tantalizing one that can whiff the aroma which is so pure and soothing. At Nirmalaya, our jasmine incense-sticks benefits have calming therapeutic properties. The uplifting scent releases feel-good hormones.

2. Insect and Mosquito Repellant

Burning incense sticks for mosquitoes is one of the benefits that make it the best repellant. At the Nirmalaya incense store we make tulsi incense sticks which are made with holy basil that can drive away mosquitoes. You can try this incense while doing meditation. This incense supports recovery and healing and purifies the surroundings.

3. Reduces Tension and Stress

Burning incense sticks reduces tension and stress and many spiritual leaders prefer it. It slows down the heart rate and reduces anxiety which results in a calmer disposition. People who burn incense regularly have positive energy after the session. It can dissolve the emotional barriers and promote feelings of happiness.

4. Stimulates Creative Side

Fragrances like lavender, forest wood, jasmine, rose, and patchouli stimulates creativity. Whether you enjoy painting or writing, just light an incense stick and you are good to go. Burning sticks not only enhances cognitive functions but also leads to mental awareness. Being incense-sticks manufacturers in India, we make fragrances that are organic and natural can be used while you are indulged into an art. We understand the peace of an artist, these sticks enhance and stimulate new ideas.

5. Improves Sleep Quality

Burning sticks for calming the mind during meditation is one of the popular rituals. It prepares for relaxation and sleep. Simply burning incense sticks at home helps the body and mind relieve all the worries, so when you lay down, you can sleep easily and get a good night’s sleep.

6. Feel Fresh Throughout The Day

An organic incense stick releases smoke which is non-pollutant in nature. At Nirmalaya, we make agarbatti which are charcoal-free, 100% organic, and handmade with love and care. You can try out our sandalwood incense stick which is made naturally and has a fresh invigorating scent. The aroma gives acts as a natural air freshener. You can start your mornings by lighting this incense and feel fresh throughout the day.

7. Reduce Tension and Improve Moods

Incense sticks are a natural stress reliever. Our patchouli sticks have vital contents. Patchouli incense meaning is the one that has an exotic and warm smoke. The relaxing effect soothes irritated nerves and offers a feeling of satisfaction. The enchanting smoke leaves you enveloped and secure. When used during hectic days, it can help you recover your strength and also improve your mood.

Nirmalaya Incense Sticks

We make Nirmalaya incense sticks by recycling flowers and dipped them in natural essential oils. How do our sticks stand out from the rest?
  • 100% Organic
  • Charcoal free
  • Handmade with love
  • Made from recycled flowers
  • Hand-dipped in natural essential oils
  • Therapeutic and invigorating scents
  • Non- pollutant smoke
Our products are all made by women who come from the less privileged sections of society. At our company, empowerment and environment go hand-in-hand. Not only do the women get extra income but also bring goodwill and positivity to the temples. Being one of the top incense sticks manufacturers in India, our three pillars are temple waste management, women empowerment, and cleaning the rivers. This is what our company is made up of. We are on the mission of ridding our country of religious waste. Rose petals and other flower fragrances long gone are collected and recycled to produce an assortment of organic and handmade incense products.
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