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Shop Meditation Incense Sticks in 3 Unique Fragrances Have you ever tried meditation? If yes, you would know that it is not child's play. It's a tough task to switch off your mind, sit down in peace for a while on a mat, light meditation Incense Sticks, and forget all...

Shop Meditation Incense Sticks in 3 Unique Fragrances

Have you ever tried meditation? If yes, you would know that it is not child's play. It's a tough task to switch off your mind, sit down in peace for a while on a mat, light meditation Incense Sticks, and forget all your tensions or worries. Most of the people who try meditating in a peaceful atmosphere, find it difficult to control their thoughts. The mind wanders to several places, there are a lot of distractions, and after some time they get bored or anxious and call it quits. The truth is that you need to practice to master this skill. It can take a good long time or a few weeks or even months for people to calm down their minds and channel their energy. There are multiple reasons why you should meditate every day. As per recent studies, meditation is good for overall health, it helps to lower your blood pressure, slow down the aging of the brain, reduce stress, anxiety, and negative emotions. There are several things that can help you meditate better in a peaceful environment and meditation incense sticks are among them. Meditation Tulsi Incense sticks at Nirmalaya are made from traditional ingredients, plant extracts, and flowers that have significant therapeutic properties. They can be lit anywhere and the fragrance that diffuses into the air calms your mind, boosts mood, and relieves stress.

Light Meditation Incense Sticks For Peace

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. Nowadays, it is considered a type of mind-body complementary medicine. It can give you a sense of calm, peace, and balance that can benefit your emotional well-being and overall health. These benefits don’t end when your meditation session ends. Okay! Let's understand with an example: have you ever gone on vacation and came home feeling relaxed, happy, and worry-free, then, within two long work days catching up your calm completely disappeared? So that great vacation becomes blurred with only photos to remind that it really happened? How do you create a sense of peace, relaxation, and happiness year-round? Have you ever tried meditation incense sticks to achieve stress relief? A lot of people find meditation practice to be challenging. As there are many different ways to meditate.

How Meditation Incense Sticks Affects The Body

Here we’ll guide you to practice meditation Incense with a combined benefit of aromatherapy. This is a simple technique of focused meditation even for those who are new to meditation. It is widely accepted among professionals that smells can impact a person’s mood faster than anything else. Meditation with aroma has a healing effect, on our body and mind. Meditating with meditation incense sticks has been used for thousands of years to focus the mind, promote relaxation, and nurture a spiritual connection. The burning of Meditation agarbatti incense sticks helps cleanse the soul while calming the mind and body. Recently scientific studies confirm this ancient belief and support the practice by acknowledging that burning meditation incense sticks not only cleanses the air but that the air actually becomes charged with positive ions that refresh and renew our environments, as well as our bodies. The Meditation agarbatti incense affects brain waves and increases the mind’s ability to disassociate from our bodies. Nirmalaya ensures a profound meditation experience with our meditation collection of 3 soothing varied fragrances that help you bring your energies together and concentrate. Pack of 3 fragrances - Joy, Serene, and Zen ideal to enhance your worship rituals, deepen your meditation practice or just immerse your soul in the comfort of soothing aromatherapy.

The Process of Lighting Meditation Incense Sticks

Let’s begin with the process of meditating with an incense stick. This form of meditation is even for those who are new to meditating or find the practice to be challenging. Practice this as regularly as you can, and you’ll feel less stressed in the present moment, and build strength towards future stress. How to meditate with a Meditation incense stick
  1. Sit in a comfortable position and light an incense stick of your choice.
  2. Now as the smoke curls waft upwards, focus on watching. Let yourself be involved in the different paths and patterns the smoke begins to take.
  3. If other thoughts distract you, gently try to bring your attention back to the smoke curl coming out of the incense stick. Try to stay in the moment and enjoy the simple yet elegant display.
  4. Try to maintain this process for as long as you are able to focus. Slowly increase your time.
Now, let us take you a little deeper. Science has proven that in order for scents to have an effect on our minds and bodies, they must be 100% natural. Our entire product range consists of flower-cycled products collected from temples, homes, as well as commercial complexes, thereby giving the people an environment-friendly option for decomposing their holy offerings. All of our products are charcoal-free and pose no threat whatsoever to the environment.
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