Incense Cones

Incense Cones Incense cones have been a part of Hindu rituals and customs since ancient times. They have been a part of human lives and rituals for thousands of years. Because of the difficult times due to COVID, we all are spending most of our time in our homes. The...

Incense Cones

Incense cones have been a part of Hindu rituals and customs since ancient times. They have been a part of human lives and rituals for thousands of years. Because of the difficult times due to COVID, we all are spending most of our time in our homes. The isolation has made our lives full of challenges and in such times we all need some spiritual connection and inspiration to relieve our mind and soul. Also check, Dhoop Sticks, Incense sticks, Havan Cups, Gift Box, Essential Oils Dhoop cones also known as Incense cones in Hindi are the best aromatherapy products in India that have become popular now. Because of the pandemic, the benefits of traditional organic incense aromatherapy products are now the need for some of us. At Nirmalaya, we make organic aromatherapy products that diffuse fresh fragrances into the air and are made using recycled flowers. These natural incense cones are effective while doing meditation or yoga practices; not only, these luxury incense cones will uplift your mood, but also create a calm and serene atmosphere to breathe in. Our organic incense cones have been liked by people of all ages from the young generation to the old ones. These dhoop cones are 100% charcoal-free and are dipped in natural essential oils that make them separate from the pollutant aromatherapy products. The flowers which are discarded into the sacred rivers of India are collected and used to make the best aromatherapy products so that the environment is saved and the faith is preserved. These best dhoop cones are handmade by women from less privileged sections of society which empowers them when they are able to earn their livelihood. List of all Incense Sticks available at Nirmalaya: List of all Dhoop sticks available at Nirmalaya: List of all Backflow Incense cones available at Nirmalaya: Also Check: Havan Cups

In what ways Incense Cones can be used in our daily lives?

Dhoop cones are best for meditation, yoga, and traditional rituals. After a long tiring today, you can light organic incense cones to soothe your mind and muscles. If you are unable to sleep, you can burn patchouli incense cones which have an invigorating scent and help you sleep properly. Similarly, jasmine incense can be used while meditating or to freshen up your days. The soothing effect on the mind is long-lasting and you are able to concentrate on your work throughout the day. When the festivals approach, it’s auspicious to light the best dhoop cones in India. It’s a part of our customs. When you use organic incense cones handmade using recycled flowers, then your faith is preserved and the sanctity is maintained.

How organic Incense Cones are different from incense sticks?

Incense sticks and incense cones are widely used all around the world and are the best aromatherapy products online available in India. Incense sticks are made using bamboo less sticks at Nirmalaya and are handcrafted by dipping them into natural essential oils. The final product agarbatti stick is mostly covered with thick layers of the traditional ayurvedic mixtures, except for the bottom, where the stick is bare, and you hold the organic incense stick or use that section to stick into a luxury incense holder. Incense cones are made in a very similar way but sticks aren’t used. The ingredients burn slowly in sticks, but speed is a bit more in the case of dhoop cones. The sizes of both the aromatherapy products differ in terms of size. If you are looking for a soft fragrance to accompany yoga, meditation, or some office work and even for the reading session and you do not need the smell to release quickly, then organic incense sticks would be a good choice. On the other hand, if you want to give your space a quick boost of scent, then incense cones would be the best option. Light these dhoop cones up before guests arrive, and they will be welcomed with a scent as fresh as flowers as they walk through the door.

Best natural Incense Cones fragrances for your home and office

The choice of organic incense cones fragrance depends on the occasion and mood. If you meditate in the morning or practice some good yoga postures in privacy, then light jasmine cones that have a fresh and soothing aroma that would help you focus and meditate properly. For all the moms-to-be, our patchouli incense cones would do wonders. The deep and invigorating scent would assist you in a sound sleep and create an atmosphere where you will feel fresh and nurtured. Our forest wood dhoop cones are the favorite pick for all the creative minds out there! If you are into customary rituals or pooja a lot, then the sacred fragrance of sandalwood luxury incense cones is the best pick to create a pure space to perform the pooja for deities with all minds. When you are looking for some good time with your friends and family, rooh rose incense cones can light up the environment. In times of viruses and infections, it’s important to keep the air clean and safe to breathe. Try our tulsi dhoop cones online that are made of holy basil, one of the traditional medicinal plants in our homes. All the incense best aromatherapy products online are made using recycled flowers that diffuse the crisp fragrance of flowers into the air and thus, keeping the air safe-to-breathe. The aromatherapy cones are available at the best prices on our website and you can order them from the safety of your home hassle-free.

Handmade organic Incense Cones for gifting

Incense cones are best for gifting to your friends and family. When there’s a housewarming party, what’s best than gifting dhoop cones on this occasion? The soothing and natural aroma of these handmade incense cones is the best and a traditional gift specially made by women from unprivileged sections of society. These handmade gifts can be used for all-purpose like yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, and many more. So, whenever next time you are thinking of gifting a healing product then you can opt for aromatherapy products by Nirmalaya, made of recycled flowers.
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