Mysore Sandalwood Combo

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Bind your body, soul, and mind with the ecstatic fragrance of Mysore Sandalwood with an ecstatic bundle that includes Incense Sticks, Incense Cones, and Dhoop Sticks. They are carefully dipped in therapeutic essential oils and mixed with natural aromatic ingredients. They contain no charcoal and are safe to breathe.
Our incenses are non-toxic all-natural organic and herbal. All incenses are handcrafted in India by rural women according to traditional customs using minimal tools and almost no machinery.

The bundle contains:

30 Incense Sticks
30 Incense Cones
20 Dhoop Sticks

Directions of use:

1. Find a suitable place to burn your incense (away from any hazardous material)
2. Light the end of the incense stick/cone until it burns
3. Gently blow out the flame
4. Stick your incense into the holder

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Mysore Sandalwood Combo

Mysore Sandalwood Combo

Rs. 450 Rs. 405

Mysore Sandalwood Combo

Rs. 450 Rs. 405

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tulika Baruah

Love the product... Love the smell, love the packaging... Willing to buy more in future. Hope you you will maintain the quality

Thank you.

Atula Nayar
Very nice

Want to buy more combos

Priyanka Gulati

This is just the best product I have used so far!


The sandalwood is the best I have used so far! My home is filled with wafts of Nirmalaya fragrances every morning...

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